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Vértice Hoteles

Join Vértice Hoteles if you are not satisfied with the management of your establishment or if it doesn't meet the desired profitability expectations.

We are a young group, but we have people with extensive experience in the operational management of hotel establishments, with extensive knowledge in marketing and a great enthusiasm for growth. We will manage your hotel as if it were our own and we will make a strong commitment so that we can grow together.
Vértice Hoteles is an Andalusian hotel company that was created with the aim of satisfying the expectations of business clients visiting the city of Seville, providing them with the best personalised services.
The origins of the company date back to the 90s, with the first tourist establishment owned and managed. It was in 2003 when, coinciding with the birth of its first hotel in Seville, Vértice Hoteles was founded.
Since then, we have been growing with imagination and perseverance, trying to bring our ideas to other places. The company’s business lines include the operation of a university residence and a Business Centre in Madrid, Vértice Catering and a Convention and Exhibition Centre. It complements the services offered in its hotels with its own catering model under the La Plaza rice restaurants brand. With the new generation of establishments and an innovative management strategy, Vértice Hoteles is looking to the future with an ambitious expansion project.